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Creating policies that supported our employees and organization – Stacked Finance is a venture-funded crypto company with less than 100 employees. It provides automation technology to help investors more easily manage their cryptocurrency investments and strategies. Founded out of a personal need, Stacked has grown quickly and exponentially in its quest to help users. As part of that grown, an HR VP was hired in November of 2021. One of the main points of focus was people growth. There was a lot of work to do to ensure that recruiting, benefits, and pay strategies were in place to grow the organization and retain top talent along the way.


In the past 6 months, Stacked has put a personnel manual in place that reflects values for a diverse employee population. We provide things like flexible work schedules, bereavement time for domestic partners, paid time off for new parents, as well as a value statement that requires mutual respect and working with diverse talents and viewpoints. In addition, Stacked has implemented a benchmarking/compensation program that embodies equality. We even made adjustments to employee compensation based on this benchmarking data to ensure everyone was being paid at market rate. Stacked has also updated it's benefits offerings to ensure affordable health care coverage, employee assistance and health support, as well as a 401k plan that provides a safe harbor match regardless of whether employees participate or not.


Stacked has not only heard from current employees about the fact that the changes have been wonderful to see and they feel as if they are valued, but they have helped us in recruiting efforts. The VP of HR was employee number 18 and since that time we have grown to over 60 people. There is a lot more for Stacked to do, but we feel like we are moving in the right direction.


Alex Hanba

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