Parents & Caregivers


Managing life as a working parent or caregiver isn’t always easy. We understand that our employees need to be there for the people they love. That’s why we want to make sure they have the support they need to do that.


Caring responsibilities apply to all parents and our parental leave and parenting programs are open to all employees, regardless of gender and family types.  

  • Parental Leave - Upon arrival of their child, a primary parent may take up to twelve weeks paid leave, and an additional unpaid leave period of up to eight weeks.
  • Partner Leave - Upon arrival of their child, the partner may take up to two weeks (10 business days) of paid leave.
  • Win-Win Parenting Program - Designed to provide the foundations for positive and effective parenting to enable long-term change.
  • Rethink - A teleconsultation program that helps parents and caregivers raising children with learning and developmental, social or behavioral challenges, including autism. Rethink provides support via live, virtual consultations with learning and behavioral experts who can answer questions and provide customized guidance.
  • Caregivers Employee Resource Group (ERG) - With executive sponsorship and funding, the ERG hosts lunch and learns on topics such as estate planning, special needs, and caring for an aging parent.


We have seen both men and women participate in these programs and participants have told us that they appreciate the ability to spend time with their families during these special stages of life. 


Carol Guerrero 

We understand that all of us have responsibilities and passions outside of work. We want to help our people manage their career, caring responsibilities and wellbeing, because we would like them to feel confident, supported and present – both at work and at home. We take a share in our people’s care.

Denis Hickey, CEO, Lendlease

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