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Multiplier Effect


Change the equation by leveraging the power of sponsorship and advocacy to accelerate the pipeline of extraordinary diverse talent in the Tech Industry.


We took a powerful first step in changing the equation for diversity this year. We’re not doing it alone. We’re bringing together leaders across industries, who are committed to solving this challenge. Leaders who are passionate about building the best teams by embracing the full spectrum of diverse talent. Leaders who are ready to take action and multiply diversity at every level. Cisco’s Multiplier Effect Pledge is an innovative approach for companies in our industry. On February 28th, Cisco CEO, Chuck Robbins; SVP/GM Service Provider, Yvette Kanouff; SVP Global Service Provider, Woody Sessoms; and more than 40 service provider and tech leaders launched the Multiplier Effect by taking the pledge at Cisco’s annual Connected Women Executive Roundtable.

The Multiplier Effect is built on one bold idea: sponsorship. This is more than mentoring – this is about leaders making a personal commitment to be an advocate for a diverse candidate. It is asking leaders to step out of their comfort zone and be accountable for the success of someone different from them in race, culture, ability, gender, generation, ethnicity, or orientation. A mentor is "I'm here for advice” – someone in an advisor role. Sponsorship is more personal and more accountable. It comes with true ownership of making a change for someone.


At Cisco, we’re all in. Our goal is one million pledges. Hundreds of leaders have already signed the pledge and challenged their peers to do the same. Join the movement and take The Multiplier Effect Pledge today! Together let’s multiply the pipeline of extraordinary diverse talent across our companies and industries through the power of sponsorship.


At Cisco, we are focused on integrating inclusion and diversity best practices in order to deliver innovative solutions in many critical areas, including pay parity and recruiting diverse talent. We are also deeply committed to advocating for inclusion and diversity in our communities, and across our industry.

Chuck Robbins, CEO, Cisco Systems

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