Members of the LGBTQ Community at Dalberg (GLAD)


Our LGBTQ staff are not fully accepted for who they are around the world. In eight of the countries where Dalberg has offices, an individual’s sexual orientation can be considered a crime. This means that our LGBTQ staff feel compelled to hide parts of who they are in front of clients and colleagues alike, for fear of retribution.


In 2014 a group of LGBTQ staff and management started GLAD. Initially a place for LGBTQ colleagues to come together in a global community, the group has since grown into a full-firm resource that champions and promotes Dalberg’s vision of LGBTQ diversity and acceptance. GLAD creates opportunities for every staff member to bring their authentic selves to work.


GLAD has a standing slot with global management to share survey results on the lived experience of our LGBTQ community and what we can do. Dalberg has reviewed and changed its employment contracts to be LGBTQ-inclusive, instituted a reverse mentorship program to educate senior leadership, and holds a yearly allyship event to share ‘journeys of acceptance.’


Afua Sarkodie


As a values-led strategy consultancy with staff that represent over 50 nationalities and speak over 90 languages, diversity is core to our DNA at Dalberg. In fact, the Dalberg difference is our diversity and inclusivity, as we bring that lens to even the most traditional market entry, business growth, or investment strategy work we do with our clients. It is also why we will never stop pushing ourselves to improve internally, evolving our own organization to reflect the kind of change we wish to see in the world.

Yana Kakar
CEO & Global Managing Partner
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