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LGBT Equality at Janus Henderson Investors


Create an inclusive workplace that supports our LGBT employees by reviewing our benefits and policies to ensure they are inclusive and gender neutral.

We strive to provide an equitable workplace for our LGBT employees and allies by offering opportunities for education, community service and personal/professional development, in alignment with business objectives. The Employee Resource Group, Janus Henderson Pride, is committed to sustaining and advancing a culture that supports LGBT employees and allies by fostering corporate inclusion and reducing barriers for advancement and success. Through the collaborative efforts of our Employee Resource Groups, Regional Councils and D&I Committee, we are aligning our business practices to meet the needs of our clients but also creating an environment that promotes cultural awareness and respect by implementing equitable policies, benefits, training, recruiting, and recognition practices that support our colleagues.


In an effort to ensure our workplace is inclusive for all employees, we reviewed our policies to ensure they were gender neutral and LGBT+ inclusive. We also implemented a trans employee transition guideline for employees and managers. Since making those initial changes, we administered a voluntary D&I demographic survey to capture non-binary gender and LGBT+ demographics of our employees.


Since implementation we have improved our D&I engagement scores on our employee engagement survey and we saw increased employee participation in LGBT specific educational sessions offered by the Employee Resource Group. We also created a culture were more employees have participated and became a part of the LGBT Great Executive Role Model initiative. We have received a perfect score on the Human Rights Campaign LGBT Equality Index for the last few years and we improved our score on the Stonewall UK Index.

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