Hiring Practices


Recruit a diverse and inclusive talent pool that will form the foundation of our culture.


The talent acquisition team identifies individuals to meet current business needs and establish a pipeline for the future. We use meaningful hiring practices to support our pursuit of highly qualified, diverse talent by including a diverse representative be on every hiring panel. The interviews include values-based interviewing to acknowledge gender differences, remove unconscious bias and alleviate impartiality as we assess candidates for cultural fit. Once the interview is completed, there is a Diversity Scorecard that gives leaders the ability to make real-time decisions and identify opportunities to implement initiatives that support hiring, promotion and retention

In addition to diverse hiring panel, other opportunities of recruiting and retaining talent include: the return to work program that supports individuals that have taken career breaks to support family and are ready to begin the process to rejoin a corporate environment; a referral Bonus that reduces the gender gap with employees that receive increased referral bonuses for any successful female sales hire; Diversity Partnerships that acquire diverse talent successfully in partnering with strategic organizations including: National Diversity Council, Grace Hopper and National Black MBA Association, Inc.; Recruiting for Tomorrow McAfee Explorers which is a collaboration with organizations focused on STEM and closing the gender gap to teach female and underrepresented minority teens about careers in cybersecurity; McAfee Online Safety Program for Kids which is an employee-run program has reached over 500K children that teaches kids in local communities about online safety and cybersecurity careers; Bring Your Kid to Work Day: Committed to educating the next generation of cybersecurity heroes, we host children across the globe to showcase McAfee, teach basic coding and online safety.


To date we have increased our recruiting pipeline and our hiring of diverse candidates has been steadily increasing. Our current hiring rate for diverse candidates represents about 35% of all hires. This will continue to be our focus and our mission until we are fully represented within McAfee.


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Action. A simple, diminutive word, bursting with possibility. This is why the CEO Action for I nclusion pledge resonates with me, and why I’m standing side by side with leaders across the world in committing to do more. We all have a responsibility here. We need action from leaders, from business, governments, from us all. Because it’s in each and every action we take, that we create powerful outcomes, together.

Chris Young, CEO, McAfee

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