ERG Relaunch


In early 2019, we surveyed our Employee Resource Group (ERG) members to get an unbiased understanding of what we could do to increase the impact of our ERGs. Members provided feedback that our ERG structure had siloed affinity groups, that there was room to better align for business impact, and that ERGs could offer a more meaningful experience for associates.


Nielsen is relaunching our ERG program with a new structure and focus on new priorities. This change will bring ERGs together at a local level as inclusion impact teams, working toward common goals with representatives from all local ERGs. Our relaunched ERGs will focus on recruitment and referrals, onboarding, social and environmental responsibility, amplifying the message of Nielsen’s diverse thought leadership, and providing the business with diverse input on products and services. This structure will establish regional leaders around the world for each of our nine ERGs. Additionally, each member of Nielsen’s executive team serves as a sponsor for an ERG. Our CEO has set the expectation that all people managers become active participants in ERGs.


Although the ERG relaunch deployment is still in motion, our initial communication has been received with overwhelmingly positive sentiment according to a recent survey. In addition, the monthly average ERG member enrollment has increased by 70% since we started communicating the program changes.

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