Developing Women’s Career Experience


In 2012, MetLife recognized that high potential women were not being promoted to officer level roles at the same pace as high potential men.


MetLife created the Developing Women’s Careers Experience (DWCE) program as part of our Global Women’s Initiative to help high potential women leaders successfully navigate the unique professional challenges they face as they seek to advance their careers. The DWCE program is designed to embolden women’s leadership aspirations by preparing them to move into broader, more complex leadership roles.  It offers a 14-month development journey with building blocks including guidance on developing leadership presence, peer coaching, and “laser mentoring” provided by senior MetLife leaders. This is a targeted mentoring relationship focused on helping participants develop their knowledge and skills in areas such as strategy and finance. DWCE also helps participants raise their visibility inside MetLife by giving them access to a broad range of leaders across the company, including women in senior leadership roles. Women who have completed DWCE report being more confident about their ability to be effective in day-to-day activities and accomplish their leadership aspirations and career goals. The majority expanded their role and responsibilities within six months of joining the program.


Since DWCE’s inception in 2013, more than 26 percent of the 250 women who have completed the program have been promoted into officer roles.  In 2017, graduates were promoted from AVP to VP at three times the rate of all enterprise promotions between those levels.


Elizabeth Nieto: [email protected]

MetLife has long recognized the value that diversity contributes to the company. Through our Global Women’s Initiative and our Global Leadership Development Program we are helping employees with diverse backgrounds develop their skills and broaden their experiences so they can advance into leadership roles. Our goal is to ensure MetLife has a pipeline of diverse and highly qualified candidates to meet its future leadership needs.

Steven A. Kandarian, Chairman, President and CEO, MetLife, Inc.

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