Committing to a Leadership Role in Advancing Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Accessibility in the Physical Sciences Community


To bring communities together to more effectively address the lack of diversity and equity, persistence of exclusion, and preponderance of whiteness and maleness in the physical sciences community.


To provide leadership and expanded efforts in DEIBA in the federation and the physical sciences community, the American Institute of Physics (AIP) has: Intentionally included  diversity, equity, and inclusion in the development of AIP’s Strategic Framework; Adopted a Diversity Statement; and Established a Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Officer position with supported structures to diversify AIP and the physical sciences writ large.


Clarity in AIP’s commitment to DEIBA; Growth of AIP’s capabilities to better advance DEIBA issues.

In 2019, the American Institute of Physics (AIP) adopted a new Strategic Framework with the overarching strategy to: "advance the physical sciences with a unifying voice of strength from diversity." In addition, AIP’s Diversity Statement makes clear we seek to lead the physical sciences community toward an impactful understanding of how to be more welcoming and supportive of the full diversity of physical scientists throughout their education and careers. In 2020 AIP created a new position – a Diversity, Equity, and Belonging Officer – to lead and expand our efforts in achieving AIP’s vision of being a recognized leader in promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging across the physical sciences. After a national search, AIP selected Dr. Taharee Jackson, multiracial female leader. Jackson diversifies AIP’s leadership team and brings a wealth of experience in strategy and innovation to her work with AIP staff, Member Societies, and the broader AIP community. In addition to implementing various outward facing actions for the federation, Jackson is also partnering with our Human Resources team to ensure that AIP serves as a model employer that is welcoming, inclusive, and supportive of a diverse workforce. AIP provides in-depth training on Antiharassment, Equal Employment Opportunity, and Respect in the Workplace.

Also, we incorporate into our onboarding process ongoing professional learning on diversity and inclusion, discrimination and harassment, bullying and aggressive behavior, retaliation, and relevant AIP policies. To enhance digital access, AIP has initiated an accessibility audit of all AIP web-based content. We have undertaken the challenge of assessing and revamping our websites and will share best practices in web accessibility. The sciences must be accessible to all, and AIP is committed to including the differently abled community in access to our content, programs, and events. 


Michael H. Moloney, Ph.D., CEO


Our work to achieve diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is not a one-time event; it is a journey, and a process of continuous commitment. We each need to ask ourselves how we can become the leaders, individuals, and organizations that integrate anti-oppression principles into all aspects of our work. We have dedicated our full efforts toward becoming more inclusive, equitable, and accessible at AIP.  I am proud to lead the Institute in those efforts.

Michael H. Moloney, Ph.D.
CEO, American Institute of Physics
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