Career Path Models


Career Path Models – As a Firm we strive to offer career opportunities that align with our team members mission and vision for their career along with the mission and vision of the Firm. It became apparent to our Leadership Team that we needed to offer more options for those wishing to remain in public accounting as team members were facing different challenges based on the hours and expectations in the existing model.


After a thorough review of our team feedback, we created “Career Path Models” that offer a Business Path of 2080 hours per year and a Partner Path that provides for 2300 hours per year. We also continue to offer flex-time and busy season options for those seeking additional flexibility with their hours. By offering a Business Path we have reduced the business development and administrative requirements normally found on the Partner Path. This allows for reduced schedules during non-peak times and letting our team have flexibility during different seasons of life. Should circumstances change for our team members, they can request to change paths and pursue Partner Path with the approval of their department leader. The success of this program will be based on communication. We believe having conversations early in our team member’s careers will help keep team members engaged, doing what they love to do, and working with team members and clients they enjoy working with.


Our goal is to offer fulfilling roles to those in public accounting for as long as possible extending a team member’s tenure with the Firm and the profession. To be successful in this initiative we will continue to align our policies with our core values of “People Matter, Excellence Rules and Leaders Inspire.”


G. Bradley Smith


Social injustice and racism harm people. As a Firm we want to focus on the importance of people and the impact these issues create for our team and communities. As we move ahead in the coming days, weeks and months, my hope is for healing, justice, safety and peace. I want to foster an environment within MCM that will allow each team member to gain a deeper understanding and perspective of the challenges facing our communities. Divergent points of view will clearly be part of our dialogue. While conversations will not be easy, it is time we have them as we remain committed to be a safe and inclusive environment for all of our team members, clients and visitors.

Each of us can make this world a better place by starting with ourselves, our hearts, our homes, and our shared workplace.

Brad Smith
CEO, MCM CPAs & Advisors LLP
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