Ansys Global Well-being: Ensuring the well-being of every single Ansys employee


Our challenge was to find opportunities to engage and promote the well-being of all employees globally before and during the pandemic.


We rolled out a global well-being program that is a one-stop-shop for employees to access when needed. It proved instrumental to employee connectedness during the pandemic. It includes a wellness coach app, exercise app, time-off for volunteerism, an employee assistance program, a well-being community for clubs and activities, robust benefits addressing the entire employee life cycle, and live learning events about well-being topics.

All employees globally are empowered with knowledge, tools and the spirit to take responsibility for their emotional, intellectual, environmental, physical, spiritual, social, financial and occupational health.


Employee well-being has become a core part of our culture. Hundreds of employees have taken advantage globally. Employees know we recognize that needs change over time and resources are available and waiting for them at any point in their journey. This continues to be important through the pandemic to ensure employees know support is available.


We recognize a diverse workforce is made up of individuals with varying needs and challenges —and to effectively engage our employees in their well-being, we want to provide a variety offerings and solution.

Michelle Gardner
Senior Manager of Global Benefits
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