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Increasing Diversity in the Workforce


Since MassMutual defined diversity and inclusion as a strategic priority over a decade ago, we have set workforce diversity goals with our senior leaders. In 2017, we made the bold move of adding a diversity and inclusion metric to MassMutual’s annual bonus program, effectively holding all employees accountable for increasing workforce diversity and creating a culture of inclusion.

As a company, we value difference as a strength that drives innovation and better outcomes and helps us further understand and serve our customers across America. By adding D&I to the bonus program, we’ve raised the bar on our commitment, setting annual goals to increase people of color in all roles, women in leadership, and those who voluntarily self-identify as LGBTQ, veterans and individuals with a disability.

We’re also more transparent with our data, sharing our workforce demographic data with all employees during the same timeframe. We also compare our data with external benchmarks, celebrating the work that we’re doing to increase diversity and acknowledge how much further we must go.

This focus on accountability and transparency coupled with our investment in developing culturally competent and inclusive leaders, has created a culture for candid conversations and action against bias, systemic racism and privilege.
During this unprecedented time, valuing diversity and creating an inclusive and welcoming experience across distance and difference is leading to positive change.


MassMutual has been able to steadily increase our diverse workforce over the past several years because of our strategy and increased focus on accountability. While there is still much work to be done, we are continuing to ensure that diverse candidates are competing for open positions and building a culture of inclusion that is welcoming to all.


Christopher Lizotte


Diversity and inclusion are long-standing, non-negotiable priorities at MassMutual. We are investing in our own workforce, continuing to build our cultural competence and joining with other organizations to advocate for racial equality and justice as well as address critical gaps created by systemic racism. We’re proud to take the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge and to help advance this important movement to create more inclusive workplaces for all.

Roger Crandall
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