Affinity Groups and Networks at Dentons


Members of traditionally marginalized groups sometime need space to connect with others who have shared experiences. Providing comfortable outlets for dialogue, exploration and socialization is a key component in embracing inclusion.


Dentons' Professional Network Groups enhance the Firm’s commitment to diversity, creating and fostering an environment of inclusiveness through active involvement in our business development, retention, recruitment, educational awareness, social responsibility and volunteer efforts. The goal is to lend support and insight to the initiatives that aid in the professional development and engagement of diverse members, and to serve as an informal networking and business development unit for the Firm.

Dentons seeks to encourage support groups for associates and partners as an outlet to address internal and external matters of concern. The benefit of affinity groups is recognized by both employer and employee in providing a forum for promoting cultural awareness, diversity and inclusion. Every effort is made to foster professional development through mentoring, networking and the open exchange of ideas. The goal is to increase participation and maximize benefits that can be generated from a diverse network of mindsets, cultures and experiences.


Dentons has formally established six professional network groups: the Asian American Professional Network, the Black Professional Network, the Latin American Professional Network, the LGBTQ Professional Network, the Parent Professional Network and WomenLEAD. We have successfully identified senior managing associates and/or partners as co-chairs of each group. The effort now is to grow their membership and initiate substantive programming that enhances business and personal development.


Lia J. Dorsey, US Diversity & Inclusion Director
[email protected]


Dentons prides itself on fostering and promoting an inclusive culture where everyone is recognized and valued. With offices in more than 150 countries, including 22 locations in the United States, diversity is not merely an aspiration but an emphatic foundation of our business model, our internal constitution and our relationships with the communities in which we live in and work.  As lawyers and professionals in the legal profession, we hold positions of great responsibility—not only to advance the rule of law, but to continually strive to make our societies stronger, fairer and more just.

I am proud that Dentons becomes one of the first law firms to sign the CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion Pledge. We believe our core values and business objectives must enmesh a commitment to capitalize on and maximize the unique status, gifts and talents of our lawyers and professionals.  By actively fostering diversity through programs, partnerships and alliances—both here in the United States and globally—we can establish the inclusive society we desire today, so tomorrow's generation can confidently advance beyond our own.

Mike McNamara
Chief Executive Officer, Dentons US LLP
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