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CEO Action was founded in 2017 with a shared belief that D&I is a societal issue, not a competitive one, and that collaboration and bold action is vital to driving change at scale. With nearly 2,000 signatories, the coalition offers a robust slate of events, peer-to-peer connections, resources, tools and insights to help drive deeper connections and insight sharing.

Designed exclusively for CHROs and CDOs from signatory organizations, each month attendees will dive into some of the most pressing D&I topics facing leaders today. With insightful speakers, Q&A and breakout sessions, participants will engage in deeper level conversations with peers and gain practical knowledge that can be applied to advance their D&I strategies.

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Introducing our series moderator

Kat Chow is a writer and journalist, and the author of Seeing Ghosts (forthcoming from Grand Central Publishing on August 24, 2021). She was a reporter at NPR, where she was a founding member of the Code Switch team. Her work has appeared in The New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, and on RadioLab, among others.

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The series lineup


It can feel like every day we face a new issue or crisis related to diversity, equity and inclusion. At a time when every group feels unsafe or unheard, it's imperative that we not only act our values but respond in a way that is inclusive yet rapid, decisive yet broad sweeping and internally focused yet public facing. Key takeaways: how organizations monitor for and coordinate statements or further action on social issues.


It is critical that we address D&I like we would any other business problem. This means being data-led, rooted in analysis, and having a defined and deliberate strategy. As HR and D&I leaders one of the most effective ways we can authentically engage our leaders, know to support our people and help drive strategies forward is using facts and data. Key takeaways: strategies to collect, protect and use data.


There is a clear distinction between being an ally and being an activist. It’s the difference between offering support and using your influence or resource to take action with a community. And in today’s environment, stakeholders are putting more and more pressure on organizations to move past statements of support to actions that drive systemic change in society. Key takeaways: building processes and cross-functional groups to create scalable commitments.


Storytelling is an art. When we use that artform correctly, it can move us, it can inspire us, and it can open doors by changing minds. As HR and D&I leaders, it is critical that we tap into the power of storytelling as a tool for navigating, engaging and unifying stakeholders - especially those within our own organizations. Key takeaway: why and how narratives should be an important part of your stakeholder engagement strategy.


As the highest decision-making body at an organization, boards can play a critical role in driving investments and progress in diversity, inclusion, and equity. Yet conversation around the board’s influence and engagement on these issues is often scarce. Key takeaway: how organizations are driving stronger board engagement to embed equity, inclusion and diversity in organizational strategy.

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