Blind spots: Challenge assumptions

Our brains are wired to make assumptions, which can sometimes be off base. We think it's an honest mistake; science calls it a blind spot.

Blind spots: Broaden perspectives

It's natural to gravitate towards people who are like us. But making decisions solely on who we're comfortable with can cause tunnel vision.

Blind spots: Enhance objectivity

First impressions can block objectivity, which can cause missed opportunites. Sometimes wanting to be "right" can take us in the wrong direction.

Blind spots: Overcome stereotypes

Stereotypes can influence our perception of who's the "right fit." They may create a road block towards our destination.

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Expedia Group: Allyship Video

Expedia Group recently signed the Pledge and supported our commitment with Inclusion programming at our annual Travel Partner Conference. We are happy to share some video replays with you featuring incredible speakers with expertise around Diversity & Inclusion!