Blind spots: Challenge assumptions

Our brains are wired to make assumptions, which can sometimes be off base. We think it's an honest mistake; science calls it a blind spot.

Blind spots: Broaden perspectives

It's natural to gravitate towards people who are like us. But making decisions solely on who we're comfortable with can cause tunnel vision.

Blind spots: Enhance objectivity

First impressions can block objectivity, which can cause missed opportunites. Sometimes wanting to be "right" can take us in the wrong direction.

Blind spots: Overcome stereotypes

Stereotypes can influence our perception of who's the "right fit." They may create a road block towards our destination.

Procter and Gamble: The Talk

The conversations we have but don't want to...that's 'The Talk.' Explore scenes of black parents openly sharing truths about bias their children will experience.

HP: Family Portrait

HP asked a diverse group of Americans to create their own portrait of an “all-American” family. They discovered that there is a big difference between the picture many of us have of the “typical” American family and the reality of American families today

HP: #LatinoJobs

HP asked employees from different companies one simple question to help reinvent what a Latino job means.

PwC/Harvard: The Universe Inside

400 years ago, we began to explore the universe with simple tools. And it challenged our beliefs about our place in the universe. Are investigations of the universe inside our minds any different? An introduction by Outsmarting Human Minds founder, Dr. Mahzarin Banaji.

PwC/Harvard: Who are we helping?

Humans help each other all the time. So what’s wrong with helping?

HP_Kai’s Story Black Girls code.jpg
HP: Kai’s Story Black Girls code

HP_Proud Portraits LGBTQIA.jpg
HP: Proud Portraits LGBTQIA

HP: Ask Me About Veterans
HP: Ask Me About/Veterans