Young Professionals Group (YPG)


Young professionals (ages 22-38) equate to 27% of Stanley’s total employee base. Traditional communication and engagement forums were not providing an effective platform on which this smart, highly networked and mobile generation could be heard. This resulted in a higher turnover rate than any other demographic and a joint frustration that our young talent was underleveraged and underserved.


Our YPG was formed in 2018 to promote diverse thought and opinion, improve engagement and advance young leadership. Unlike other YPGs, it has significant autonomy in its design, composition and focus. Supported by senior advisers and co-chaired by a female and male employee, this self-selecting, self-governing network is composed of 220 young employees (“Members”) who are interested in building professional relationships and enhancing career development in ways that also add value to the Company.

YPG Purpose:

  • Improve retention of young professionals.
  • Improve engagement.
  • Improve bench strength and capabilities through career development.
  • Establish a sustainable YPG with an appropriate governance structure.

Four pillars actively support the group’s Mission and Purpose:

  1. Development/Mentoring
  2. Innovation/Action
  3. Collaboration/Networking
  4. Recruiting/Welcoming

Actively sponsored and supported by the highest levels of leadership, the YPG has board-level visibility and is included in a wide variety of decision-making, ranging from drafting a new telecommuting policy to naming our re-designed intranet. The group maintains a collaboration site, hosts a quarterly seminar series and actively holds engagement surveys and workshops. A YPG champion is assigned to each office, tasked with holding monthly meetings, scheduling activities and facilitating “Member of the month” programs. 


Among other measures including improved engagement and stronger inter-office coordination and communication, the attrition in this age group has declined by nearly 30% percent.


Dale Sweere

Participant quote

Being able to have more ownership/say in how things can be done in the company especially as a younger member is exciting, it shows us that we are more than just a number in the system and a working resource for projects. I believe the YPG has been very successful in giving members the room to grow and expand into areas that they may not have thought possible and giving them ownership of a piece of something new and innovative for our company

YPG member
CEO Quote

When asked what I am most proud of creating during my tenure with the Stanley, it is our people programs. Our Young Professionals make up over a quarter of our workforce but, as is often the case in companies such as ours, they haven’t always been given an opportunity to make a positive difference. The YPG network has given them a simple but effective platform to raise their voices and hands with outstanding results. We are a better Company for having engaged this smart, talented group of professionals. 

Kate Harris
CEO, Stanley Consultants Inc.
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