Wynn Resorts Board of Directors Refresh


Wynn Resorts takes pride in its progressive values and forward-thinking approach to business. Those values extend into corporate governance. In corporate America, women are underrepresented. This troubled us, and we took action at the top of our Company by elevating powerful female role models.


In 2018, Wynn Resorts undertook a robust refresh of its Board of Directors, bringing new voices and fresh perspectives to positions of leadership with the appointment of three new independent directors. These appointments advance the Company’s commitment to diversify the gender, skills, and experience of the Board.

  • Independent Director Betsy Atkins has been recognized as an expert in corporate governance and digital transformation, consumer experience, and technology. A three-time CEO serial entrepreneur, Atkins has been founder and Chief Executive Officer of Baja Corporation since 1994.
  • Independent Director Margaret J. “Dee Dee” Myers is a veteran in corporate responsibility communications and in corporate and public positioning. She is Executive Vice President of Worldwide Corporate Communications and Public Affairs for Warner Bros. Entertainment, and she served as the first female and youngest White House Press Secretary.
  • Independent Director Winifred “Wendy” Webb has a deep background in travel and tourism hospitality, media and entertainment, retail, consumer products, and e-commerce. Since 2013, Webb has held the title of Chief Executive Officer for Kestrel Corporate Advisors

The additions to the Board of Directors boost female representation to 44%. Wynn Resorts now ranks among the top S&P 500 companies in female representation on the Board. Diversity, at all levels of company operations, will continue to add value to the future of the Company. Since 2018, women also serve as the Wynn Resorts Chief Counsel, Wynn Las Vegas President, and SVP of Human Resources for Wynn North America.


Jelani Hale


We have made it a priority to implement meaningful change at Wynn Resorts and are committed to elevating our corporate governance practices and fostering a diverse and inclusive workplace,” says Matt Maddox, CEO of Wynn Resorts. “These appointments make Wynn Resorts a global leader in board diversity.

Matt Maddox
CEO, Wynn Resorts
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