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World Unity Inc.’s Response to COVID 19, Unstoppable Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives


Covid 19 forced World Unity Inc. to cancel its 24th Annual Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Gala. It’s our major event that promotes our innovative and transformative initiatives and raises our annual funds. We had to find a way to replace it with something that could showcase our mission, empower, and inspire!


We decided to produce a compelling video entitled, World Unity Inc.’s Unstoppable Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives. It puts a spotlight on our transformative initiatives that cannot be stopped by the pandemic. It opens with a performance filmed in 2015 of an original song about equality sung by one hundred children. This leads into an engaging presentation by Celeste Warren, VP of Global Diversity, and Inclusion Center of Excellence for Merck. She is followed by the extraordinary story of the founding of the organization and our vision to build a landmark promoting equality. Throughout the video we weave in a 60 second statement of equality by leaders from diverse organizations across the nation. Video concludes with a powerful vocal performance to empower and inspire!

We’ve reached out to many companies to consider being a sponsor to support our work and an opportunity to be recognized in a video that has local, national, and global reach. We plan to promote the premiere prior to launching it early December.


We brought diverse organizations together united in our message for equality. We garnered the support of regional, national, and global companies, UPS, Merck. AECOM, Trillium Asset Management, CVS Health and Chestnut Hill Realty are sponsors. We hope people will recognize working together we’re a stronger force to make America and the world better for future generations. We hope to empower and inspire and invite organizations to join us.


If it is not urgent now to end racism, sexism and all forms of inequality then when do we, and if not this generation - which one will?

Sara Ting
CEO, World Unity, Inc.
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