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To attract, retain and engage current and future talent, Aprio needed to create and develop programs and policies that provided for workplace flexibility to address the lifestyle needs of its multi-generational and diverse workforce that can support our client base.


To meet the demands of our employees' changing lifestyles and provide support for them to meet the responsibilities of work and family, Aprio has created a flexible work environment. Over the last few years, Aprio has rolled out a number of initiatives to address these needs:

  1. Summer Hours: From May to August, we empower employees to choose their works hours to best meet their life and work. This means that an employee is able to work 4 ten hour day, 4 nine hour days and a half day, or any combination that best meets their schedule and life needs.
  2. Remote Work Program: We recently developed a remote work program that provides employees with the flexibility to adjust their work schedules and choose the remote location that best meets their needs. This program reduces time spent away from family and friends, provides for a better (i.e. less) commute time and imp roved quality of life. We have invested in training and technology at all staff levels to ensure we get the best results for our employees.
  3. Enhanced Parental Leave Policy: With the help of our Women's Initiatives Sub-Committee, we have enhanced our parental leave policy to extend the amount of leave time for birth and adoptive mothers and fathers, allowing our employees to have more quality family time. Aprio pays for 100% of the salary of the employees who go out on maternity leave for the primary and secondary caregivers for up to 6 weeks.

As a result of these actions, we have seen a significant reduction in turnover and improved employee morale. Our employees are happier and more engaged as indicated in the results of our internal employee satisfaction surveys and an independent, third-party employee satisfaction survey that resulted in Aprio being named a Top Workplace for two years in a row. We have also seen an increase in new mothers returning to work, and former employees coming back to work for Aprio.


Larry Sheftel, Vice President, Human Resources
[email protected]


As employees demand a better work/ life balance we must adapt to meet and support their needs. The initiatives and policies we have implemented over the last few years have moved the needle, creating a happier, more engaged workforce

Richard Kopelman
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