Work/Life Flexibility & Benefits at TopBuild

As the threat of COVID retreated and we reopened our corporate office, we realized we needed to offer more flexible work options to our employees, most of whom had been working from home for over a year. Prior to COVID, our employees were expected to work onsite - in the office every day.


We developed and implemented a Flexible Work Policy that empowers employees, in collaboration with their manager, to determine a schedule that works for their role at the company and personal life. We put together some guidelines but left the details up to each manager and employee to work through together – with the measures of success being customer service, business performance/results, and employee engagement.


Employees have returned fully but may request a hybrid work schedule. The schedules range from working in the office 5 days/week to 1 day/week and combinations in between. Employee feedback has been very positive, and our business continues to grow and be successful. This flexible work policy is proving to be an important retention and recruiting tool as well.

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