Work/Life Flexibility at Stryker


Workplace flexibility impacts employee engagement. 


We work hard to make Stryker a place where our employees can find the balance that works best for them. Rather than mandate structured, “one size fits all” work/life programs, we give employees permission to focus on what’s most important to them and meet their professional goals and objectives in their own way.

In 2018, we introduced a flexible work policy to allow employees to achieve professional results while meeting personal objectives. The policy covers alternative work schedules for full- and part-time employees and provides guidance on flex time, compressed work weeks, telework, remote work, job sharing and ad hoc requests for flex work.

We also have programs to assist our employees and their families during significant life events. In January 2017, we introduced our new parental leave policy so moms and dads have more paid time off and flexibility with a new child. The new policy, based on employee feedback, gives new parents four additional weeks of paid leave for a birth or adoption, this can be taken in one-week increments within the first year after a child joins their family.

We also have an interactive wellbeing program that encourages employees to live healthy, happy lives. The program includes free biometric screenings, free flu shots and a variety of activity challenges that appeal to people in all stages of their wellbeing journey. Employees can track their progress and they along with their spouses/declared domestic partners can earn points and receive incentives for meeting fitness challenges.


Since the rollout, a record numbers of employees use all three programs. Our employee engagement is incredibly high and we continue to attract and retain great talent.


Angie Rohrer, Director Inclusion and Engagement
[email protected]


I am a huge believer in diversity and inclusion because it is the right way to grow an organization and treat people. It leads to better business results and most importantly it will help us achieve our mission of making healthcare better.

Kevin Lobo
Chairman and CEO
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