Work/Life Flexibility and Benefits at Tinuiti


Tinuiti has always been committed to a culture of flexibility, autonomy, and work/life balance. Tinuiti offers unlimited PTO, the option to work from home, and benefits that support employees through any stage of life. Once Covid-19 hit, Tinuiti recognized that employees were facing challenges with work/life balance, managing children at home while working, and mental health became a greater topic of discussion as the world struggled to cope with change.


In response to the virus and the ensuing economic downturn, the company monitored the changing environment very closely, and made a conscious decision to first and foremost preserve the jobs of everyone at the company. In order to financially monitor the situation conservatively, the company paused salary increases and the 401(k) match. During this time of uncertainty the company mobilized to provide additional support around work/life balance and mental health. Tinuiti provides a resource packet to all employees with all mental health resources that the company provides so each employee has quick access to what is available.

Tinuiti then started “Wellness Wednesdays”: a series of tips, videos, and seminars which gave employees more resources and support to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Tinuiti also mandated 2 mental health PTO days per month for every employee in addition to an already existing unlimited PTO policy for all of 2020. Finally,Tinuiti introduced “Flex Fridays” which allows employees to work shorter days on Fridays for the remainder of 2020.


Tinuiti was successful both through company operational changes and additional employee support. In June, the company was able to gain additional visibility into client commitments and win new business, returning us to growth. In August, the company resumed raises and the 401(k) match. In September Tinuiti is announcing reimagined perks that will replace the perks once available in offices prior to the workforce going 100% remote. Tinuiti was able to avoid Covid-19 related layoffs and resume benefits without sacrificing any jobs or core benefits.


Kyle Perkins, Diversity & Inclusion Manager


The advertising and marketing industry has been whitewashed for decades. We challenge all of our industry - our clients, our partners, or peers - JOIN US - take actionable steps to make your companies more inclusive. Double the percentage of your Black employees over the next 3 years at your companies. This is only the beginning of our journey, and we are committed to ensuring our business maintains these values.”

Zach Morrison
CEO, Tinuiti inc.
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