Work/Life Flexibility and Benefits at Charlotte Regional Business Alliance


The Charlotte Chamber and the Charlotte Regional Partnership merged in 2018 to form the Charlotte Regional Business Alliance. While the transition in combining these organizations and staff members was thoughtfully planned, the impending changes proved stressful at times.  In addressing this issue, the team, under the leadership of Janet LaBar, CEO, implemented refreshing changes that helped to ease stress and motivate the team that included the following:



Encouraging the team to more fully utilize the remote-work policy already in place; relaxing the dress code to allow more casual wear on days not hosting meetings/events; implementing “Summer Friday’s” where the office shut down on 12pm each Friday Memorial Day – Labor Day, in response to COVID-19, to support the staff’s overall mental well being, creating a “Flexible Friday” in which staff members utilized a Friday to demonstrate ways to take care of themselves by taking walks, bike rides, reading, etc.  Most recently, in response to the racial injustices in our country, the Alliance has held “courageous conversations” and created safe spaces to discuss fears, frustrations and actions needed to move forward.

  1. Encouraging staff to utilize the remote-work policy prepared the team for the now COVID-19 reality of a working from home indefinitely.  Our IT department was able to upfit the entire team and make the necessary technology upgrades necessary for a smooth transition, ensuring ALL staff members have the tools necessary to provide the quality level of work and service expected to our investors, partners and community.
  2. Addressing the overall mental well-being of the team shows that leadership values and respects the work of the full team creating better morale.
  3. Racial Equity is a strategic priority for the Alliance internally and externally.  In addition, Juneteenth, which celebrates the emancipation of those enslaved in the United States, is now an observed holiday for the organization

The Charlotte Regional Business Alliance is so deeply committed to racial equity in the business community that we have prioritized this as a key strategy, requiring our focus and intentionality over the next several years. We’re giving voice to economic inequity and working to advance opportunities that uplift people of all backgrounds across the Charlotte Region. Most importantly, we’re holding ourselves accountable to ensure outcomes align with the transformative change that’s needed.

Janet LaBar
CEO, Charlotte Regional Business Alliance
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