Work/Life Balance at Libbey Glass, Inc


Work/Life Flexibility and Benefits was a competitive advantage and priority that Libbey wanted to provide, differentiating our culture from that of other competitive employers. 


Many challenges come into the workforce regarding flexibility and work/life balance. At Libbey, we strive to be successful in supporting our associates to the best of our ability. If associates aren’t engaged, balanced and satisfied, they won’t produce quality work to make our organization successful. We value the culture that we have built as an organization and want to share that organization all working environments around the globe. In an effort to do so, we created paid time off versus specific sick or vacation days, so our associates have choice flexibility and the work/life balance that is desired in today’s world.

Our associates now have vacation days, sick days and appointment days combined into one group. Associates immediately receive 160 hours per year upon hire and they have an additional 12 paid holidays per year. These holidays include a week off between the Christmas holiday and the New Years’ holiday. In addition to the flexibility in combined Paid-Time-Office (PTO), on the workday before every large holiday the company provides an early release for associates. This provides our associates the opportunity to get a head start on the preparations to share with their friends and family.

We provide flexibility within all our awarded and granted flexible time to allow associates to prioritize peak business activities. For associates that may need to work during peak or holiday flexible times due to business needs, we provide extra “floating holidays “for their flexible use throughout the remainder of the year.


Our organization has come a long way to ensure that the PTO programs work well for our associates and the organization. We’ve implemented the same policies throughout our locations worldwide, with only minor modifications due to local regulations and cultural norms (Mexico, Holland, Portugal, China, Canada and the US). Associates now successfully have the time to spend with family & friends while also staying engaged with Libbey!


Elisha E. Rank, Sr. HR Generalist

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