Workforce of the Future: Inclusive Economy


The San Francisco Bay Area has seen unprecedented economic growth over the past 10 years, but growth has not been equitable across the region’s workforce. Many demographic groups of people have been left behind and excluded from our booming economy.


Through our Workforce of the Future Inclusive Economy program, the Bay Area Council and our employer members are addressing the growing economic divide between historically underrepresented populations and their counterparts. Through partnership with community-based organizations serving youth of color, veterans, immigrants and refugees, we bring employers to directly support with training and recruiting. The occupations we target are middle-skills and entry-level jobs available in the region, as these roles feed to higher paying jobs.

The Bay Area Council serves as the employer conduit, connecting vetted talent development partners working directly with job-seekers to current open positions. Our community-based organization partners provide high quality training and career development services, and we ensure that employers are tapping into these historically underrepresented talent pools.  


Since the program’s inception in 2016, Workforce of the Future Inclusive Economy program has impacted 2,534 youth of color, veterans, immigrants, and refugees, providing career development services and employment connections.


Naomi Palmer
[email protected]


The Bay Area has a rich history of championing and valuing diversity in our communities. While we have made great strides in contributing to that historic framework through the workplace, we still have much work to do. Companies that adopt inclusive strategies will have healthier workforce environments and create vibrant communities around them.

Jim Wunderman
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