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Provide an environment of work, life balance that creates a foundation for women to thrive.

Actions has intentionally created a work environment supporting remote employees and schedule flexibility. Nimble scheduling allows for different start and stop times, and the freedom to tend to personal matters during the traditional 9-5, such that workdays suit our employees’ myriad needs. Employees located in Silicon Valley work on-site two days a week, allowing for in-person meetings, relationship building, and team functions. The remaining three days are remote, allowing for independent and outward facing work. 

The research is clear. Given the increased family and unpaid work obligations women often carry, flexible work schedules and locations are valuable levers for retaining women in the workforce. As a women’s organization we are proud to offer this benefit to all our talented staff.

Flexible and remote work schedules are not without challenges. We work hard to create a sense of belonging across our remote and local employees; facilitate relationship building; set office norms for participation and collaboration; and manage meeting overload on in-office days. This requires we implement a variety of strategies and technologies to support our staff. Slack—complete with fun channels to build comradery and belonging—has been critical. Implementing a robust web meeting tool, with clear participation expectations, has improved cross-organizational communication. Importantly, our Executives have committed to a continual improvement strategy, addressing current and emerging challenges across our distributed workforce.

We believe schedule flexibility and remote employment are contributing to a healthier work life balance for all our employees.


This structure accommodates a significant number of remote employees; our team is spread across the globe with fulltime staff in locations including Washington, DC, Chicago, Illinois, Atlanta, Georgia, and Bangalore, India.


Brenda Darden-Wilkerson
[email protected]


Through my career as a technologist, entrepreneur, educator, activist, CEO, wife and mother, I have personally navigated the gauntlet of work-life balance, often with little support or flexibility. Part of my joy in being CEO at, is having the power to offer a better solution for our employees, and witnessing their passion, dedication, and energy, enabled by knowing their organization has their back, and supports their multifaceted lives.

Brenda Darden-Wilkerson
President and CEO
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