Work Life Balance/Flexibility & Benefits at Andrews McMeel Universal


Ensuring our associates and their families feel supported, valued, and secure in knowing that their families have access to benefits no matter the makeup of their family.

  • Domestic Partner Coverage, paid parental leave

MU provides a comprehensive benefits package. AMU has offered Domestic Partner Coverage for over 10 years, ensuring that all AMU associates and their spouses have access to benefits.

In 2017 AMU added an additional Parental Leave paid benefit to give our associates support as they experience life changing events, both exciting and sometimes difficult. Since the rollout of this benefit we are seeing an increased amount of paid time available to our associates.

Prior to our parental leave policy, on average, our associates were taking up to 11 weeks of time off. Of those 11 weeks taken, an average of 3.5 weeks was unpaid, and an additional average of 6.5 weeks were taken from that associates own PTO bank.

From 2017 to current our associates have been able to take up to 12 weeks of leave at full or partial pay and have only had to use up to 2 weeks on average of their PTO.


Susan Johnson, Chief People and Communications Officer

Megan Kinney, Senior Talent Manager

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