Women's Group


As our largest demographic underrepresented in tech, women at Substantial needed a place to candidly share their experiences, build community, and explore improvements to Substantial's culture.


Substantial's first ERG started as a Slack channel created soon after we adopted that tool. It gave Substantial's women a place to talk about topics unique to them, whether it was to commiserate or address a specific issue. Formalizing that structure, the Women's Group is now a regular in-person gathering as well that has an agenda to address immediately germane things and allow time for emergent topics as well. These meetings take place away from the office, creating even more of a comfortable environment for participants to be open and vulnerable.


Substantial's Women's Group still provides a safe haven for female employees, whether through the Slack channel or the in-person events, which include department-centric gatherings as well (software developers, for example).

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