Women’s Own Network (WoN)


Create an environment where women employees can develop, thrive and lead.


Created the Women’s Own Network (WoN). The WoN program seeks to attract, retain and develop more women in the Asia Pacific region. The broad program objectives are to inspire women to identify opportunities and equip them with the right information and tools to overcome challenges. The focus is on creating a meaningful impact for women employees by concentrating on the following areas: professional development, mentoring, and special projects.

Born To Lead Program – A unique program launched for young daughters and sisters of RRD employees to create awareness about various career opportunities available in the industry and the skills required to succeed. The sessions cover topics such as financial independence, leadership qualities, importance of networking and breaking stereotypes.

  • Catalyst Program – A two-month long leadership development program for women managers. The program focuses on managing oneself, speaking assertively, and networking. An individual coach is provided for each participant.
  • Aspire Program – An empowerment initiative for women employees at all levels. The one-day program focuses on building self-confidence, personal branding, communication and time management.

Project Shakti – Shakti, which means ‘power’ in Sanskrit. Project Shakti is a comprehensive coaching and development program to increase confidence levels and hone leadership skills for entry-level women. The 6-month program involves a combination of classroom sessions, assignments, outbound training, interactions with internal RRD leaders and a strong mentorship model.


  • Catalyst Program has developed over 20 new women managers.
  • Over 655 women have participated in Aspire Program.
  • On graduation of these programs colleagues and friends are invited to witness the event and hear the participants share their experiences in the program and receive course completion certificates.


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The Pledge for CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion aligns with my personal values and those that we embrace within RRD.  I expect every employee to demonstrate respect for, and embrace the importance of, all individuals and their differences.  That is why “Valuing Inclusion” is a performance competency for every employee at every level of our Company.  One of the key drivers of inclusion at RRD are our employee-led councils. Inclusion councils are self-initiated voluntary groups of employees that improve their workplace culture, create safe spaces for sharing and learning, and make a difference in their communities.  Building on this commitment, our business resource groups also support the development and advancement of diverse talent. The Women’s Business Resource group, Women's Own Network and the Business Resource Group for Professionals of Color are a few examples that are designed for this purpose.  I am proud of the culture we have created and the programs and initiatives we have developed and continue to build to support our people, our culture and ultimately, our Company's performance and success.

Daniel L. Knotts, Chief Executive Officer, RRD

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