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Our data showed, as in many organizations, there was a significant drop off in the ratio of females to males in leadership roles, and for us this especially occurred in the transition from AVP to VP level. We implemented the Women’s Network across all offices and as part of that effort, launched mentoring, then mentoring circles, focused on the AVP women population to address any barriers to promotion at this level.


Formally launched in November 2017, the Women’s Network is Global Atlantic’s first professional employee resource group. Every office hosts a chapter of the Global Atlantic Women’s Network that hosts events throughout the year. The Network is guided by the themes of:

  • Advance: Recognize the full potential of all our women employees
  • Recruit: Be an employer of choice for top women talent
  • Grow: Align our Women’s Network with Global Atlantic’s growth strategy

Small group mentoring circles is one initiative led by the Network. Circles comprise one company leader (VP and above, including our co-Presidents) along with up to five women mentees. This past year, the mentoring circles used the book “How Women Rise – Break The 12 Habits Holding You Back From Your Next Raise, Promotion or Job” by Sally Helgesen and Marshall Goldsmith to guide discussion.  The group discusses two habits / chapters at a time, for a total of 6 meetings a year.


Leaders volunteering as mentoring circle leaders have said this has provided a type of reverse mentoring benefit to them. AVP participants are getting more exposure to senior leaders across the company. Participants have been able to share ideas, experiences, and suggestions in an environment that encourages sharing in a trusting environment. The longer term intent is to increase the percentage of women in VP roles, which is starting to happen.


Bob Sawicki, SVP, Head of Talent: [email protected]

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