Women’s Leadership Council


Integra is committed to building a strong pipeline of talented women leaders, accelerating the development of women into leadership roles, and a dedicated focus on increasing women in senior management roles.   Creating a talented and diverse group of leaders is essential to our aspiration of becoming a leading global provider of medical technologies that positively impact the lives of patients.


In 2017, 15 female leaders from across Integra’s global business were nominated by the CEO to form the Women’s Leadership Council.  The Women’s Leadership Council is an action-oriented advisory group to the CEO on how to empower, advance, and engage the women at our company.  In addition, this group recommends strategies and programs that would support the advancement and retention of female talent, development of women into leadership roles, and increased cultural awareness of gender diversity across our company.  Most importantly, the Women’s Leadership Council serves as advocates for the women of Integra. For example, the Women’s Leadership Council provides executive sponsorship of the Women of Integra Network (WIN) - a platform to drive professional development, best practice sharing, and networking of women across the organization.  It is also actively looking into mentorship as a means to promote development of female talent.


The Women’s Leadership Council continues to inform and expand our efforts regarding diversity and inclusion, shaping Integra into a place where women want to be and have successful careers.


I want to recognize the women of Integra for their invaluable contributions to our success.  We strive to create a culture of inclusion where employees can come together to share different views and feel valued and respected.  We believe people from diverse backgrounds bring valuable experiences and thinking that make our teams better, which ultimately, help us provide innovative healthcare technologies to our customers and patients we serve. Diversity and inclusion needs to be the way we do business at Integra, not just another initiative.

Peter J. Arduini
Chief Executive Officer
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