Women in Mining


Strategies to recruit, engage and develop women to roles in mining, an industry that has predominantly and historically employed men, is a focus for Peabody across its mining sites and administrative offices. 


Across several of Peabody’s operations, International Women’s Day was observed by bringing team members together for networking and celebration. Peabody senior leaders hosted a panel on gender parity during the event, with several resources industry guests in attendance.

In New South Wales, Australia, Peabody sponsored the first Women in Mining networking event to promote diversity and attract women to the field.  Outstanding females in the coal industry were recognized at the event, with two Peabody employees recognized in their respective Outstanding Tradeswomen and Gender Diversity categories.

A mentoring program for women was launched globally that provided opportunities for women to gain more visibility, expand their network and benefit from feedback and coaching about their career and development.  In addition to their mentor, women had the opportunity to have a “flash mentor.”  This allowed women to meet one time with a female senior executive, allowing more opportunities to network and gain further advice regarding development.

Feedback from all the networking and mentoring programs, indicated that women thought the programs helped drive their development and provided opportunities to learn from a variety of internal and external leaders.


Overall, women hold 15 percent of Vice President and above roles for the company and 10 percent of the global workforce is represented by women.  In both business units, the percentage of women has been steadily increasing as we seek to recruit a more diverse workforce. 


Peggy Scott
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The CEO Action for Diversity and Inclusion ™ Pledge is an important commitment Peabody has made as we continue to build a more inclusive and diverse workplace. By signing the pledge, we recognize the efforts we’ve made in inclusion and diversity and the opportunities we have to progress.

Glenn Kellow
President and Chief Executive Officer
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