Women at Infoblox Network ([email protected])


Hiring and retaining women and minorities in Engineering and leadership positions in the high-tech industry. 


Sponsoring a Women at Infoblox Network ([email protected]) with over 400 women actively participating in a variety of conferences, trainings, and internal/external networking events.


Raised women representation at Infoblox by 22% and continue to work towards achieving at least 25% in our next fiscal year. Active participation in a variety of external events that make a positive impact on financially disadvantaged men and women, including a successful intern program and contribution to organizations that support the disadvantaged. Hosted several Diversity and Inclusion awareness programs for managers and employees. Diversity and Inclusion continues to be a high priority for Infoblox and a key corporate objective. We measure our success at least quarterly.


At Infoblox our goal is to foster a work environment that welcomes diversity and inclusion in all its forms. For us, diversity includes the broadest possible range of cultures, backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. Our commitment to diversity and inclusion permeates in everything we do, starting from the way we recruit and hire our employees, through the entire employee life cycle, including retention and advancement of all employees. Our Diversity and Inclusion initiative is not only good business practice; it’s fundamentally the right thing to do. Our Diversity and Inclusion goals are personal to me. I want to take an active role in promoting positive change in this regard. I expect all interactions at Infoblox to reflect this fundamental expectation.

Jesper Andersen
CEO and President, Infoblox
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