White Men’s Caucus


Many of our key executive and senior leader positions are held by white men, limiting the organization’s representation by women and people of color.


The partnerships with white men are critical as leaders work to engage team members and make Novant Health the best place for where patients receive remarkable care and team members can fully use their talents and build their careers.

We contracted with a leadership development firm to conduct a White Men’s Caucus Lab. The CEO sent a letter to 16 of our white, male executive and senior leaders inviting them to participate in a learning journey to explore their role and the role that other leaders play in moving Novant Health forward in our efforts to become a more inclusive organization.

All of the invitees, including the CEO, participated in a three-and-half day, residential intensive lab. The White Men’s Caucus was a leadership development experience. Part of the process explored how white men can be fully vested in creating an inclusive culture for patients, providers and team members through partnerships with women, people of color and others. We needed this group of men to take responsibility for creating a more diverse and inclusive workforce and healthcare environment at Novant Health. 

The White Men’s Caucus experience enabled these white male leaders to step up to their own leadership and responsibility for embedding diversity and inclusion throughout our organization. The leaders were asked to apply what they learned at the caucus when they returned to work and their leadership roles.


Sixteen (16) engaged white male leaders who are changing their mindsets and behaviors and being more intentional and embedding diversity and inclusion throughout Novant Health. These men have begun to raise questions and initiate discussions related to changes in policies and procedures that align with inclusion. In addition, these men have challenged each other and made conscious decisions to recruit and hire team members who represent more dimensions of diversity, including race/ethnicity and gender.


Teresa Holloman


Novant Health is committed to our core value of diversity and inclusion. Advancing diversity and inclusion at Novant Health is a key strategy for increasing patient satisfaction, engaging our team members at a higher level and growing our business. Leadership plays an important role in demonstrating our commitment to diversity and inclusion, and we can all further develop ourselves to become more inclusive leaders.

Carl Armato
President and CEO, Novant Health
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