Wellness Culture in an Inclusive Workplace


We identified that our wellness program activities needed greater inclusion of individuals with disabilities. The program had experienced success, however associate feedback was that it lacked the level of inclusion for individuals with disabilities.


We applied a holistic approach to address this challenge and developed an innovative solution. We: 

  • Sought advice and perspective from our Abilities Business Resource Group (e.g., associates unable to stand or walk might wave or raise their hand instead)
  • Collaborated with The Whole Person, one of our local non-profit community partners for best practices
  • Brought in expert consultation of our certified onsite wellness coaches to ensure requested accommodations would be applied
  • partnered with our internal communications team to re-write wellness materials so ALL associates realized they could participate and meet wellness requirements using various abilities and resources.

These small but critical adjustments in our approach to wellness activities for ALL associates made a big impact.  Associate feedback indicated that because UMB recognized they are differently-abled, and then quickly found ways to adjust program requirements for inclusion and participation in wellness activities, their sense of belonging and value were impacted, as is their ongoing loyalty to the organization.  


Vanessa Sims


At UMB we don’t just see diversity and inclusion as the right thing to do, we see it as a way to energize our culture and ignite innovation, all factors which led to our decision to join the pledge. Our D&I strategies are intentional, designed to help us attract, develop and retaining the most talented workforce to spark innovation. Diversity brings unique ways of thinking and problem solving — approaching things from different perspectives always results in better solutions. And better solutions is what we strive for every day for our customers. Diversity and Inclusion differentiates UMB, and we’re very proud about that.

Mariner Kemper
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, UMB Financial Corporation
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