Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield Inclusion Council


The passionate and inspired leadership of John Forsyth brought attention and value to the work and potential of inclusion at Wellmark. But his vision for the work needed a team of dedicated employee leaders to bring to life the mission and values of inclusion. This team had the potential to connect his vision for inclusion to employees at every level, department, and office location throughout the organization. 


The Inclusion Council was formed in 2006 to drive heightened focus and awareness, building an inclusive company for Wellmark’s members, employees, and the community. The Council is comprised of up to 18 members (employee volunteers) and is led by the CEO and Chair, John Forsyth; this diverse group represents a variety of backgrounds and job levels. The purpose of the council is to promote engagement, to educate and communicate through various channels, and increasing awareness and workforce participation in the community. This team serves as role models for cultivating an inclusive, trusting, and healthy culture.  


Each year the council reports individually the work each member has accomplished, and even more importantly – the council shares an annual report of their impact. In 2019, the following points highlight just a small reflection of the work accomplished in a year:

  • Council feedback and actions have resulted in more inclusive benefit plans, stronger employee engagement and heightened community involvement.
  • For ten years survey results show that an average of 93% of employees appreciate and respect inclusion at Wellmark.
  • The work of the council has led to Wellmark being recognized for this commitment to inclusion with over 70 D&I awards since 2009.
  • Wellmark was represented at 23 community inclusion events with exposure to over 140,o00 event participants

Rona Berinobis
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