Wednesdays for Women Blog Series


While women continue to make gains across the broader economy, they remain underrepresented in STEM jobs. At Blue Yonder, we have put additional focus on increasing the number of women in our global workforce and changing the perception that gender is an impediment to career success. We are dedicated to developing women.   


“Wednesdays for Women” (W4W) blog series is a weekly column that shares perspectives and best practices from customers, partners, associates, and other thought leaders with a goal of promoting greater awareness and information sharing to continue advancing women in technology and supply chain careers.  This blog series shines a light on the role of women in the world of technology and supply chain highlighting varied journeys of some of the incredible women who work at Blue Yonder, female executives from among our customers, interesting points-of-view from both women and men at Blue Yonder, and more.


In 2019, Wednesday’s for Women blog won a B2B Killer Content Award for its innovative and inspiring content and our female marketing leader who created the Wednesdays for Women blog won the Vanguard Award for this impactful cause programming.  Measurable data points: from its inception mid-2017 through February 2020, we have published over 125 blogs with over 27,000 views.


Heather Meheut, Director, Associate Success & Global DIVE

Jolene Peixoto, VP Corporate Communications

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