Pace University

Web Accessibility Initiative


As many college campuses face legal pressure to create accessible content, Pace University strives to stay ahead of the curve and puts diverse needs of students first.


Members of varied university departments including the Dean for Students Office, Assistant Dean of Compliance, Disability Services, Academic Technology, Enrollment Management, Institutional Technology, Office of Admissions, and Marketing and Communication have formed a task force to meet to determine the current accessibility of Pace websites, online student learning platforms, databases and electronic content.


By including representatives from across campus, we will be able to develop group aims and a timeline for creating a campus with inclusive and accessible digital practices for all student services based software and web-based platforms used for recruitment, advising, student development, career readiness and preparation and student retention. This timeline will be implemented in phases from vetted our vendors for accessibility before purchasing, to more extensive and costly initiatives such as to captioning all web content and reframing our web design.

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