We Stand Together


As a global health service company focused on improving the physical and emotional well-being of people across the globe, Cigna is committed to creating greater awareness and empathy during these times of social unrest. Our company has taken swift and specific action to inspire meaningful change by taking a clear stance against racism, and advancing our culture of inclusion, diversity and equity.

In May, our Enterprise Leadership Team issued a joint We Stand Together Statement denouncing racism and discrimination, which has been shared publically on our social media platforms including Facebook and LinkedIn. Racism runs absolutely counter to all of our values and our culture of inclusion at Cigna. 

We also proudly launched our new Building Equity and Equality Program, a five-year initiative to expand and accelerate our efforts to support diversity, inclusion, equality and equity for communities of color. Our mission is to improve the health, well-being and peace of mind of those we serve. In support of Cigna’s commitment to advancing the conversation on systemic racism, racial tensions, and improving the lives in the communities we serve, we launched an external racial equity site to help build compassion for self and others. 

As part one of our Inspiring Inclusive Conversations Series (IIC), we hosted 30 live inclusive conversations sessions in the month of June alone, reaching more than 8,000 employees. The purpose of these sessions was to create a safe space for discussions that explore issues, expand our perspectives, and encourage action so we can build a better culture of understanding and inclusivity. As part two of our IIC series, we're continuing the momentum by offering a monthly platform, to encourage dialogue and unpack targeted topics more intimately. Topics such as allyship, privilege, discrimination, microaggressions, intersectionality, and more. Thus far, we have engaged with more than 3,000 employees. 

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