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VIP (Value in People)


With Duke Realty’s Diversity and Inclusion commitment and our desire to diversify our workforce, especially in our Top and Mid-level positions, we noticed that we need to make a change in our recruiting process. 


VIP Program (Value in People). The VIP program sets standards to ensure we have a diverse candidate slate for all open positions before a hiring decision is made. In addition, we specifically focused on top and mid-level positions. 


In 2017, Duke Realty’s percentage of minority hires was 23% and female hires were 32%, and in 2018 our percentage of minority hires was 32% and our female hires were 41%. In comparison of these numbers in the top and mid-level positions, in 2017 minority and females hires made up 30% of those hires in that level, and in 2018 minority and females made up 58% of those hires in that respective level.

As you can see through our continued commitment and efforts we have made a positive impact in hiring diverse associates.


Jenny Bean

Change is tough. We resist it, generally don’t like it and it’s uncomfortable. But change is good. Change is necessary. It’s what allows us to learn and grow, reach new heights and succeed in life. I want to continue to foster an inclusive environment at Duke Realty and take collective action with other CEO’s to bring this change.

James B. Connor, CEO

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