Veterans Inclusion Committee


Improve Northrop Grumman’s military veterans retention.



  • The Veterans Inclusion Committee commissioned in-depth data analytics on the entire military veteran employee lifecycle.
  • Data analytics were developed that explored hiring, representation, promotions, development and terminations of the veteran population compared to the non-veteran population.
  • Internal focus groups were conducted around the country to gain qualitative data around veterans trends and issues.
  • Consultations with external strategic partners were held to gain insight into veterans inclusion best practices.


  • Based on the in-depth analyses, veterans retention stood out as an area of opportunity.
  • The Veterans Inclusion Committee (VIC) targeted four focus areas to improve retention: Onboarding, Education and Development, Mentoring, and Community.


  • To address the four focus areas, 13 recommendations were proposed and implemented by various functions, including Diversity and Inclusion, HR, Benefits and Talent Management.
  • Created a veteran’s new employee onboarding portal.
  • Developed a veterans new hire employee packet.
  • Created a veterans specific benefits link.
  • Communicated executive commitment for our military veteran employees.
  • Secured military cultural awareness training for recruiters, hiring managers and employees.
  • Developed transition training for military veteran employees.
  • Created a Navigator program for recently hired veterans and started an auto-enrollment for our wounded warrior hires.
  • Modified our mentoring system so veterans can identify other veterans for mentoring opportunities.
  • Enhanced our Veterans Inclusion Committee to include more members and levels within the company, as well as established working teams to ensure accountability of program success.
  • Supported our veterans ERG (VERITAS) to build and support the veteran community within the company.
    • Held our first annual company-wide Veterans Summit in May, 2017.
  • Veterans employment issues to be reviewed quarterly within all business units to monitor and track our success.

Linda Fortney
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