Veteran Transition Program


Retaining experienced hires can be challenging because adjusting to a new culture is difficult. We recognized that veteran hires, in particular, needed a customized approach to successfully transition from the military into a corporate environment.


PwC’s Veteran Transition Program provides targeted mentoring and training to help veterans succeed in their first six months at the firm. Community building begins during orientation, when members of PwC’s national veterans affinity network (VAN) welcome their new colleagues. VAN members share their personal experiences in the armed forces and offer insights about how to acclimate to the professional world.

In their first week all new veteran hires are immediately assigned a “battle buddy,” someone who has been in their shoes before. The pairs meet regularly during the first six months to discuss career progression and how to navigate common challenges.

Another critical element of this program is educating our human capital community about military life so they can coach veterans more effectively. We developed an online course which directly addresses the potential challenges veterans might face entering the civilian workforce and provides strategies for supporting that transition.


This program has increased PwC’s retention of veteran experienced hires. PwC was invited by the White House to present our veterans strategy as part of their Joining Forces Initiative. Military Times and G.I. Jobs recognize PwC as a best in class employer for veterans.

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