Veteran Initiatives – Attracting and Hiring More Veterans


HSBC has been committed to helping soldiers, veterans and their families since its founding in 1865. From supporting staff members while on active duty, to volunteering with veteran non-profit organizations, to helping military personnel transition to the civilian workforce, the bank has been committed to the troops for many years, yet we’ve been challenged in increasing our population of employees who are veterans.


To help us attract, hire and retain more veterans, an enhanced recruitment strategy was implemented and includes several strategic and tactical recruitment components that are helping us increase our external profile as an employer of choice for veterans and transition more veterans into our company.

We have partnered with Veterans on Wall Street (VOWS), a consortium of financial institutions who help veterans make the transition into financial services roles. VOWS conducts an annual employer symposium and holds events throughout the year to connect veterans to corporations.  

A new HSBC initiative recently launched, called Military Path, which targets specific HSBC jobs identified as priority roles to fill with veterans.  The recruitment team works closely with the hiring managers for these roles to ensure full consideration of veteran candidates. This effort is supported by additional recruitment tactics such as:

  • Posting roles to LinkedIn Groups (Veteran to Civilian Career Transitions, US Veteran – Recruiter – Candidate Connection),
  • Utilizing the Military Experience filter on LinkedIn to highlight Military experience, and
  • Partnering with to source for veteran candidates.

We have increased our veteran hires compared to last year by over 100% and are growing a strong pipeline for our Military Path roles. 


Mike Smith

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