Valuing Inclusion Competency and Learning Modules


Align our learning resources to enable and strengthen our employees understanding of diversity and inclusion, the role it plays in our business and expectations of all employees.

Create a comprehensive program that promotes awareness, influences positive behavioral changes, and encourages inclusive leadership.


A three-phased training approach called, Valuing Inclusion was developed.  This program addresses employee developmental needs, specific situational challenges, and provides on-going opportunities for leading by example.

  • Phase 1- Valuing Inclusion: A Learning Module that provides basic information all employees are expected to know and understand about the importance of Diversity & Inclusion including our company’s position, definitions, and the business case.  The module components include pre-work, an activity, and post-work.
  • Phase 2 Valuing Inclusion & Taking Action: A facilitated session that builds on basic elements and influences positive behavioral changes by providing experiential learning, self assessment, and a plan for action.  Session components include hands-on activities, a self assessment, and action planning.
  • Phase 3 – Valuing Inclusion Leadership: The course is embedded in our Leadership Essentials Program for all managers and supervisors.  Participants explore how values and beliefs about diversity and inclusion are established, identify personal beliefs and biases and how they translate to behaviors, recognize the impact those behaviors can have on others and our business, and develop best practices to promote and support an inclusive environment.


“Valuing Inclusion” Competency was developed for all employees, allowing the organization to measure inclusive behaviors across the organization.

The competency is included in an employee’s annual performance review.

A train-the-trainer program allows employees to participate the program at their location.

New and tenured managers and supervisors have participated in the Valuing Inclusion Leadership Course voluntarily and as a required assignment to address development needs or employee relations issues.


Monica Guillory: [email protected]

The Pledge for CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion aligns with my personal values and those that we embrace within RRD.  I expect every employee to demonstrate respect for, and embrace the importance of, all individuals and their differences.  That is why “Valuing Inclusion” is a performance competency for every employee at every level of our Company.  One of the key drivers of inclusion at RRD are our employee-led councils. Inclusion councils are self-initiated voluntary groups of employees that improve their workplace culture, create safe spaces for sharing and learning, and make a difference in their communities.  Building on this commitment, our business resource groups also support the development and advancement of diverse talent. The Women’s Business Resource group, Women's Own Network and the Business Resource Group for Professionals of Color are a few examples that are designed for this purpose.  I am proud of the culture we have created and the programs and initiatives we have developed and continue to build to support our people, our culture and ultimately, our Company's performance and success.

Daniel L. Knotts, Chief Executive Officer, RRD

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