Valuing Diversity and Inclusion


To develop a strategy to drive diversity and inclusion throughout Maxim and promote a culture of inclusion.


First, we created a Diversity and Inclusion Board with a cross section of 20 team members.  The Board underwent a process to identify key diversity priorities, using the Adizes methodology, a practical, disciplined, and comprehensive approach for building organizational flexibility and increasing the efficiency of decision-making.  At the core of the methodology is the concept of valuing differences to build a foundational culture of mutual trust in order for teams to work in a synergetic and symbiotic manner.   

Specifically, our Board followed a process and agreed upon rules to identify all problems and opportunities related to diversity and inclusion.  We patterned and prioritized the problems, while also reviewing organizational data to help us focus efforts. 


This process yielded three subcommittees to tackle our highest prioritized problems and opportunities, such as developing our Diversity Statement. 

The Diversity in Management Subcommittee identifies and addresses issues related to retaining and developing a diverse workforce. We have taken steps to infuse diversity and inclusion as a focused metric in our professional development and mentorship programs.

The Education & Awareness Subcommittee facilitates the creation of plans for employee development and training opportunities.  Specific initiatives will include a basic awareness of cultural diversity, as well as learning opportunities regarding unconscious biases. 

The Recruiting Subcommittee works to evaluate existing recruitment practices, performance measures, and workforce demographics. We focus on improving the diversity of our candidate pool by identifying key strategic partnerships, developing enhanced recruitment standards, and improving the messaging of Maxim’s commitment to diversity. These efforts yielded the incorporation of a Diversity and Inclusion Statement on all job postings. Additionally, we are developing a reinvigorated College Recruitment Program and commencing the process of targeting minority-focused associations and job boards.


We have a saying within our organization called ‘One Maxim’, which means that we strive to always be one team working together, communicating openly and fostering mutual trust and respect.  Over the years, we have made significant progress in our efforts to be one, united team, however, we needed to address our challenges related specifically to diversity and inclusion.  Maxim underwent a robust and comprehensive process to both identify and better understand how to prioritize these challenges.  I’m proud of where we are today, and excited about our future.  Taking the CEO Action for Inclusion pledge is the next logical step in Maxim’s journey to become a more diverse and inclusive organization.

Bill Butz
CEO, Maxim Healthcare Services
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