Using Our Platform for Internal and External Education Around Inclusive Hiring Practices.


We have an opportunity to not only educate our own staff but also to educate clients and other business leaders on how to strengthen their workforce through inclusive hiring practices. We are using our voice and our platform to educate about unconscious hiring around gender, race, education level, disabilities and people previously incarcerated and remove barriers to employment and advancement.


As part of our on-going commitment to professional development and education, we host a monthly webinar series called “HR HotSpot”. This webinar series is promoted to a list of more than 7000 HR professionals and business leaders. We invite speakers to present on a variety of HR and workplace issues and have increased the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion topics. In July 2020 we hosted a webinar featuring a workplace communication expert who share specific strategies for increasing dialogue in the workplace about race and equity. In October 2020 we featured a speaker on the topic of “The New Rules of Equal Pay: It’s Not Just Gender Any More.”

We also publish a blog and share this content with clients and prospective clients via email and share on social media.
Some of the recent blog topics include:

  • "Why You Should Consider Hiring People With Disabilities”
  • “Why Your Talent Pool Should Include People with Criminal Histories”
  • “Inclusive Hiring: Why You Should Change the Way You Screen Employees”

We are proud of how we have leveraged our opportunity to influence and inform and will continue to do so. We are also pleased that the response to these efforts from our clients and others in the employment community has been very positive.


Greg Lambert

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