U.S. Parental Leave


We recognized the transition back into employment after childbirth or adoption can be a difficult and overwhelming period, which creates health risks for both the parents and the child as well as weighing on an employee’s job performance. Due to this stress, some employees had decided to leave QIAGEN to focus solely on parenting or care-giving, while others were coming back to work before they were emotionally or physically ready. 


As part of the local Diversity Site Ambassadors program, which was created in 2018, the topic of improving the U.S. Parental Leave Policy was highlighted as an opportunity for action. Our senior management reacted quickly, and developed what we believe is an industry-leading framework to allow the primary caregiver – male or female - additional time to stay at home at full pay. Employees now have the opportunity to take up to 14-16 weeks of paid parental leave.


We have quickly seen the benefits of this new policy in terms of retaining employees in this life situation, and also as a recruiting tool to attract new talent.


Stephany Foster
[email protected]


We believe this new policy is an important step in our initiatives to strengthen QIAGEN’s reputation as an employer of choice, foster diversity and support healthy work-life balance. This policy allows our employees, which we call QIAGENers, a gender-neutral benefit to time off to take care of new family members while also giving them the opportunity to return refreshed, engaged and ready to contribute.

Thierry Bernard
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