To create a deeper relationship with one of our community partners and support their mission by going beyond monetary donations.


Unloop is a non-profit reducing recidivism by teaching tech skills to formerly incarcerated individuals. As a relatively new organization, their ability to build capacity was constrained by more than just lack of funds. Over the last three years (and counting), Substantial has provided support beyond just money to help this often ignored population.

Substantial donates office space to Unloop. In addition to inflating their operating budget, Substantial HQ is more polished and centrally located than one Unloop might create on their own, providing an effective halo effect for potential partners and funders. The shared office allows Unloop participants to see a tech company at work and creates opportunity for impromptu interactions, making their promise of a tech career feel even more attainable.

In 2019 Substantial also sponsored its first Unloop intern. A 6-month program, the process involved an initial assessment to level the intern, then personalizing the following months to maximize the learning opportunity. Between "class" work, shadowing, participating in our women's group, and completing individual projects, our Unloop intern got full exposure to Substantial.


To date Substantial has donated more than $50,000 in space rental along with intern fees & hours of strategic business consulting and mentorship for Unloop students. Substantial's Unloop intern has now been accepted into the highly acclaimed (and selective) Ada Developer's Academy as the next step on her career journey to being a software developer.

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