Unconscious Bias


A significant amount of research is starting to uncover how unconscious biases can persist in holding organizations back from embracing progressive change and engaging with their global customer base.


We provided customized training for people managers (skill-building) and all employees (awareness) to raise awareness of unconscious bias and its limitations, and provide guidance on how to mitigate it in the workplace.

The Unconscious Bias training provides tools to understand the personal limitations of bias and tools to challenge personal bias in an effective way by having new conversations for working together.

During the workshop through interactive exercises and group discussion, our employees learn about different kinds of social biases that affect the workplace, authority bias, affinity bias and confirmation bias. The workshop brings about examples that confront our thinking and behavior in order to increase participants’ awareness and willingness to engage with difference. 


We partnered with experts in this field to facilitate 77 courses to 1,300 employees globally in 29 offices.


Marisa Grimes
[email protected]


A group of similar people tend to think in similar ways, reach similar conclusions, and have similar blind spots, we must know how to effectively manage our unconscious biases.

Ajay Banga
President and CEO
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