Unconscious Bias Training at Commerce Bank


Research demonstrates that unconscious bias can be a significant obstacle to achieving inclusion and sense of belonging in the workplace. 


Commerce Bank has launched a three-part series of online training modules (Diversity, Inclusion and You, Unconscious Bias, Building Inclusive Leaders) to help individual contributors and leaders better understand how their behavior and actions contribute to a more inclusive workplace. The training includes the business case for inclusive leadership, helps learners recognize micro-inequities and microaggressions, and provides tips and tricks about how to exemplify inclusive behaviors. Also, as monthly reminders/touch bases, we provide five-minute video vignettes to recognize and celebrate heritage months. If there is not a recognized heritage month, using the same methodology noted above, we select topics with additional tips and tricks to promote an inclusive work environment. 


During a recent feedback session of those who completed the three-part series, learners found the modules to be useful and informative, and said they are extremely likely to apply the learnings in their day-to-day work.
Desired outcomes as we get all team members through the modules: 

  • Continue building a culture of inclusion where everyone can connect, grow and be at their best.
  • Improve Employee Effectiveness and Engagement for women and people of color year-over-year.
  • Continue growing awareness and understanding of unconscious bias, micro-inequities and microaggressions among all team members.

Derrick Nelson, AVP, Inclusion and Diversity Manager
[email protected]


At Commerce we believe that our people are our most valuable, sustainable resource and our greatest competitive advantage. As such, our commitment to fostering an inclusive culture where people are valued for their diverse talents and perspectives is vital to the engagement, innovation and productivity that position us to anticipate and proactively adapt to our customers' changing needs. By honoring this commitment in how we work together and how we do business, we enable team members to reach their full potential, and in doing so maximize value for all of our stakeholders.

John Kemper
President and Chief Executive Officer
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